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A Gigabyte of Power

Was reading this article today on Google’s initiative to expand the economics of alternative energy:

Google expands into alternative energy

I love this paragraph here:

Toward that end, Google aims to produce one gigabyte of power from renewable energy at prices below the rates of electricity generated at coal-burning plants. One gigabyte power would be enough to supply the needs of a city the size of San Francisco.

I’m not exactly sure what one “gigabyte” of power is, but if Google is using them, I’m sure it’s a lot. 😉

I wonder if it’s comparable to the power you can generate by tapping into a clock tower that’s about to be struck by lightning.

Semi-related is the speculation that Google is building their own 10Gbit optical switches.

Guess they’ll combine their gigabytes of power with the gigabits of light. See: I knew lightning would be in there somewhere!


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