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Welcome to my blog.

My company supports a wide array of clients from Fortune 100 companies to mom & pop shops.

As such, I’ve learned enough to actually build some solutions on a wide array of devices from all sort of vendors.

Here I’ll try and detail some of the experiences I have with those items.

— Brian Blood,

I intend to write on the following items (I’m posting this so I don’t forget):

  • NetScreen firewall setup with VPN access
  • Cisco switches for the datacenter. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
  • Configuring bandwidth limits into a Cisco T1 router to assure QoS for Vonage VoIP ATAs
  • Situations where that setup is absolutely useless.
  • Getting useful SNMP from an APC network expansion card
  • Application monitoring with cronned (sp?) PHP scripts and Cacti
  • Extracting temperature readings from Xserve G4s, Xserve G5s and PowerMac G5s to feed into cacti
  • Annoying items in Tiger Server (smnp and Apple software RAID anomalies)
  • Compiling PHP 4.4.x on an Intel Mac Mini
  • Tweaking Socket connections settings on a Windows 2003 Server running AltN’s MDaemon mail server
  • Extracting socket connection data on a Windows 2003 Server to feed into cacti.
  • Setting up a shared calendar and contact system for a small Mac workgroup with BlackBerry integration for the boss thrown into the mix.

And probably 10 other interesting, wacky, useful things I can’t think of right now.

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