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Month: December 2007

Remote Desktop Authentication controls

I was setting up a MacMini running Leopard for a client and I was tweaking some of the options and controls for “Remote Management”. I had connected in with Remote Desktop Admin with an admin level account and wanted to tighten up some of the controls for who was authorized to connect. Using this screen here:

Remote Login Management Access Control

I clicked on the “Only these users” button, without having put the account I was connected as into the list, and got dropped from the connection. Be warned that all of these controls take IMMEDIATE effect. Thanks Apple.

Failing 180GB Xserve hard drives

In the past couple of months, we’ve started to see the IBM/Hitachi 180 GB drives that came with the Apple Hard drive modules for the Xserve G4 and ATA Xraids fail.

We always have these in a software mirror RAID, so we don’t have any data loss, but we are proactively starting to replace these drives with new Seagate 250GB drives. These drives not only have better caches, but run cooler and with less power usage.

Xserve Thumbscrews and rackmount structural integrity

It has come to my attention that the thumbscrews on the front panel of Xserves are a very important component of the overall structural integrity of the rack mounting system. they not only keep the Xserve from coming out of the case, but they also secure the forward portion of the server to the mounted top case. I’ve seen many Xserves that seemed as if they could pop out of their cases due to a small amount of bowing in the case. Having the thumbscrews tightened down adds another vertical support component.