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QuickTime Streaming on Lion Server

Apple, in it’s Infinite wisdom, has decided that we no longer need QuickTime Streaming as a function of OS X Server. A client recently purchased a new MacMini Server (Lion Server) and in the process of working through migrating data and services off some old XServe G4s we found that QTSS was missing.

There is the Darwin Streaming Server project as Mac OS Forge, so downloading and installing the latest build there (6.0.3) seemed like the proper course of action. One glitch though, the installer refuses to proceed against any OS Install that is OS X Server.

Since those checks are done with scripts, the workaround is to copy the DarwinStreamingServer.pkg installer bundle to your hard drive where it can be edited.

In the script: DarwinStreamingServer.pkg/Contents/Resources/VolumeCheck
on line 29 that first stanza of checks which begins with a check for $INSTALLED_SERVER_OS_VERS…

…comment that entire stanza out with # and the Installer will then let you install the DSS on your Lion Server install.

This might also prove useful:
chmod +ai “qtss allow list,search,readattr,readextattr,readsecurity” QTSSMoviesDir

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  1. hackeron
    hackeron July 23, 2012

    Thank you for this – managed to install on my Mac OSX Server 🙂

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